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In current organizations with large no of transactions, processes, areas of operations, and geography, it is tough to see the status of an organization’s operations at one place. Every organization is spending lots of money and time to achieve this objective. Seven Tech Services took initiative to launch a product which can satisfy organization’s requirements.

Implementation of ACS in an organization improves smooth execution and on-time tracking of day-2-day operations at various levels of the organization.

ACS (Integrated Status & Support) integrates status of different activities, processes in different platforms of an organization. Also provides remedy/problem history and support information, all at one place.
ACS provides status and support at various levels of organization.
ACS improves performance of an organization and reduces risk and turn over time.
ACS provides typical/customized reports at various levels and different time intervals of organization operations.
ACS can implement easily with out disturbing the existing procedures followed in an organization for the same purpose.
There is no product currently available in market of this type and ACS is going to be first of its kind

ACS Call-in

Integrates organization contact information.
Provides accurate and on-time contact information.

ACS Analyz

Analyzes organization operations.
Provides reports at various levels in different areas.
Provides supporting information and past solutions for current issues.

ACS Alert

Warns respective group or person in the organization about the risk or possible and occurring issues.

ACS issue repository

Maintains repository of issues up to date.
Provides accurate issue information.