Largeton, in partnership with you, crafts elite healthcare and life science teams. Our tailored staffing solutions and proficient hiring practices have propelled us to the forefront as one of the swiftly advancing firms, defining industry excellence and sustained quality service.


Believe in delivering the best.

Talent Scarcity

We provide access to a vast pool of specialized professionals, mitigating the challenge of finding scarce talent in niche healthcare and life science sectors.

Compliance & Certification

Our rigorous vetting process ensures all candidates meet necessary compliance standards and hold relevant certifications, reducing the risk of non-compliance for your organization.

Rapid Placement

Understanding the urgency of staffing needs, we expedite the hiring process, ensuring quick and efficient placement of qualified candidates.

Cultural Fit

We prioritize understanding your organization’s culture and values, enabling us to match you with professionals who not only have the right skills but also seamlessly integrate into your team’s dynamic.

Popular Job Categories


Ph.D. and MD levels


Patient Care

Quality Assurance

Clinical Research

Here's How it ?

1 company job descriptions

2 The A method for hiring and interviewing

3 Skillset tests

4 Psychometric, ethics and integrity tests

5 Extensive Background Checks

6 Extensive References Checks

Why Us ?

Sectors we cover




Our model Support your Needs

We offer a full range of Recruitment Solutions for our client partners

Contract Staffing

We provide skilled professionals for specific projects and assignments for a predetermined period of time.

Direct Hire Staffing

We identify and recruit candidates for permanent positions within your company.

Temp-to-Hire Staffing

We bring in temporary workers with the option to offer them a permanent position based on their performance.

Training and Development

We offer services to improve the skills and knowledge of your employees, leading to increased productivity and better overall performance.

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